Tuesday, September 2, 2008


During my SPM years. The doctor discovers that I had an anemia. Because of that the symptoms that mostly people can see is me really look very weak. I need to do my check up in the hospital at least two times per week. Can you image, I hate hospital before, I hate needle and also I hate medicine. *SIGHTS*. Because feel the burden, I become a stubborn daughter and also rioter.

I know my mommy was really sad because of my behavior. I still remember one day she’s say.

“Kakak, the only thing can make you recover is by you need to start to follow your medical check up schedule and also you need to take care more of yourself and don’t let any hatred inside your feeling to causing you sicknesses. If I didn’t care about you my dear I will not tell you this entire thing. Now it’s up to you my dear. If you really love me you will follow my advise or if not I really don’t know what else to do.”

So, in my mommy statement I realize that my mommy used ad populum appeal to pity. Where my mommy trying to let me say yes and follow what she want by using emotion.

My mum picture

BCT: Ad populum appeal to pity

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