Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Writing Mood……

While I’m doing my blog just now I wonder that I don’t have any idea to write anything. So, I play a game that can make me feel creative. The game call free writing, where we just write anything that pop up in our mind and if you cannot think of anything like me now….*sights* you can write blank.

Let’s start the game……

What am I thinking right now?!

Sleepy. Tired. Boring. Blank. Food. Ayam percik. Yummy. Ice-cream. Blank. Mommy. Blank. Bed. Blank. Blank. Rest. Hari raya. Kuantan. Friday. Love. Hate. Cat. Baby. Cute. Smile. Boring. Music. Rihana. Take a bow. Movies. Meet Dave. Outing. Boyfriend. Arm. Love. Caring.


About my family

Mommy. Daddy. Sister. Brothers. Me. Cat. Love. Hate. Sad. Work. Food. Yummy. Mommy. Cooked. Table. Kitchen. Plate. Gold. Blank. Blank. Study. Smart. Hard. Clever. Brother. Uitm. Accounting. Nineteen. Hadi. Scholarship. Learning. Playing. Nice.

My family

BCT: Free Writing

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