Friday, September 5, 2008


Just now, while I was at my room, I heard someone knocks at my door room. I opened the door and I see two girls carrying a case to change my door knob. Because, my roommate loss her keys. So, for the safety we change the door knob. So, after around thirteen minutes the process of changing the door knob is done. So, the two girls say to me you can get the keys from me later okay. Then I say okay and thanks because both of them are going back.

After a while my roommate come back and ask me who are the two girl just got back from our room. I was simply answering they are technician for girl hostel here.

Then I come go to the hostel office to get my room keys and suddenly my friend asks the girl who came to our room just now. You are very good in repair a things, are learning all this stuff before and decide to become a technician here?!

Then the girl answer, I’m not a technician here. I’m just an administrative officer here.

So, I actually was making an assumption by looking at what she doing and working on.

Me, actually used Argument Based on Definition.

BCT: Argument Based on Definition

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